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Adopt a Legislator Program

We need your help to educate California’s Legislators regarding the positive aspects of the water treatment industry and the vital role that the PWQA provides to the residents of California.

Since 1978, the PWQA leadership has been actively involved in opposing outright bans on water softeners by the Legislature and continues to be actively involved with the State Legislature.  PWQA is currently represented in Sacramento through its legislative advocate, Randy Pollack of Churchwell White LLP.  Through this representation, PWQA is kept up-to-date on legislative issues that may have an immediate or future impact on water treatment throughout the state.

PWQA’s leadership has decided to ask its members to assist our legislative advocate and implement a program entitled “Adopt-A- Legislator.”

This program asks that you, as a PWQA member, become acquainted with your two local State Legislators, your Assembly Member and your Senator. By doing so, you can help PWQA keep them abreast of current industry issues and concerns that may affect their constituents.

Often times, newly elected Legislators are unfamiliar with the positive aspects and benefits of the products and services we provide. As a result, they only hear about our industry when there is a salinity issue within a city or water district involving their district.  Frequently, the first reaction taken by a city or district when salinity is a problem is to propose an ordinance restricting water softeners and seek the support of their Legislators to introduce legislation to underscore their position.

By reaching out to our Legislators as part of a grassroots program, we will be able to present the positive aspects of our industry and inform Legislators of the support available when these issues such as salinity arise in their local district.

If you are interested in learning more about this program, please fill out the form below. You will be contacted by PWQA’s legislative advocate who will assist you in setting up a meeting with your Legislators.need your help