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after a wildfire

After a Wildfire: Water Safety Considerations Inside Buildings – Center of Plumbing Safety, Purdue University

After a Wildfire: Private Drinking Water Wells, Center of Plumbing Safety, Purdue University

Center of Plumbing Safety, Purdue University – This website is designed to provide information to persons who drink water in buildings, as well as building construction, plumbing, water utility, education, and public health sectors. Together, we are working to understand how to make certain the water you use at home, at work, and at schools is safe.



The State Water Board

SAFER Drinking Water Program


The State Water Board’s Safe and Affordable Funding for Equity and Resilience (SAFER) drinking water program was designed to ensure Californians who lack safe and affordable drinking water receive it as quickly as possible and that the water systems serving them establish sustainable solutions.

The SAFER drinking water program is helping water systems achieve this goal through a set of tools, funding sources, regulatory authorities, and community outreach and education.  
SAFER 2021 Accomplishments: 

·         Hosted 52 virtual public meetings with 1,160 meeting attendees to provide a space for input on the SAFER drinking water program

·         Amended Policy for Developing the Fund Expenditure Plan for the Safe and Affordable Drinking Water Fund to incorporate new authorities and processes to fund Technical Assistance Providers and provide advance payment 
·         Adopted the 2021-2022 Fund Expenditure Plan which provides priorities and target funding allocations for this fiscal year 
·         Revised the SAFER website to increase resources and transparency

·         Appointed 10 new Advisory Group members

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