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join the best association for water quality professionals in the west!

As a member of the PWQA, you join hundreds of water quality improvement professionals, which creates a body of opportunity not achievable by any single company.

benefits for dealers & retailers

  • Access to networking opportunities with the best practitioners in the industry
  • Learn the latest industry best practices and techniques to bring quality water to your customers
  • Get updates on the legal landscape of the water industry to ensure compliance with complex environmental and civil regulations
  • Obtain national certification for yourself and your employees

benefits For Manufacturers & distributors

  • Opportunities to promote the safe and effective use of your products
  • Protect your business through legislative awareness and targeted advocacy
  • Engage with top-tier industry professionals and innovators
  • Education on all aspects of running and managing your business and employees

benefits for plumbers, well drillers, & other mechanical professionals

  • Learn about water treatment technologies
  • Develop relationships with water specialists
  • Grow your business through the proper use of water treatment systems


Your Ideas, Your Time, Your Financial Support, Your Experience, Your Network of Associates